• Flipper makes the web easier than you think.

    FlipperSiteDeveloper web management system lets you update, refresh, even completely revise your website easily, in a matter of minutes.

    Flipper CMS is for people who have better things to do than chain themselves to the web. People like you, who are building, running and growing a business.

  • Take control.  Easy-to-use.  Search Engine Optimization. 
Custom Cupboards, Inc. (CCI) a national custom cabinet manufacturer has launched a redesigned website with an emphasis on consumer-friendly access.
Pen Publishing Interactive has redesigned and converted the website for the Indiana Hospital Association (IHA) from a static HTML site into a dynamic, content management driven site.
  • “Pen Publishing has built a robust website that better expresses our brand.  Flipper gives us total control over our website and presents our products ina very consumer-friendly environment.  Pen made this conversion process very smooth”

    Jason Harris

    Chief Information Manager

    Custom Cupboards, Inc.

Partner Benefits

The Power of Change

Flipper  gives you the power to increase productivity, offer your clients more flexibility and puts your company in a position to win more work.  As a Flipper Certified Partner you will have access to a very powerful web content development and management solution that you will be proud to share with your clients.  As we all know a happy customer is not going to seek service from anyone else.

Content Power

  • Easily create, update, manage, maintain and publish Web content
  • Measure site content interest by tracking visitor responses hourly, daily, weekly or monthly
  • Economically test market and fine tune messages for the best client results
  • Leverage the networking clout of Really Simple Syndication (RSS) and get more mileage from content by offering it to multiple audiences
  • Optimize search engine rankings and results so more visitors find—and buy—what your client offers

 ROI Power

  • Reduce internal and/ or external content management and development costs
  • Generate content changes in seconds rather than days and free-up time to pursue other business
  • Increase revenues by delivering accurate and timely content and communications with your target audience
  • Turn money-losing ongoing maintenance programs into money-makers
  • Create new profit centers by offering content  management services and solutions your clients want and need, but haven’t been able to afford

 Freedom Power

  • No software to purchase, install or maintain
  • User-friendly and extremely easy to use
  • Technical experience not required
  • Slash site development time through more efficient workflow management
  • Control who sees, edits or deletes content on a page-by-page, person-by-person permission-granted basis

Proven Solution

Two years in development Flipper is a proven and tested solution.  This is not an open source program that leaves you to worry about patches and upgrades.  We are constantly updating and improving Flipper to help make your job easier and more profitable.

FlipperSiteDeveloper™ is owned and operated by Pen Publishing Interactive, Inc., headquartered in Wichita, Kansas. With more than 10 years of website management, hosting, and development experience, Pen Publishing Interactive is a recognized authority on Interactive content management.