• Flipper makes the web easier than you think.

    FlipperSiteDeveloper web management system lets you update, refresh, even completely revise your website easily, in a matter of minutes.

    Flipper CMS is for people who have better things to do than chain themselves to the web. People like you, who are building, running and growing a business.

Do I need to load any software on my computer to use FlipperSiteDeveloper?
No. Flipper is a totally hosted service which means you can mange your entire Web site from any computer that has Internet access.
Hosted service, Software as a Service, application service provider, Web-based service, these are just a few of the names for the type of service we offer.

It is important to remember that most people start businesses to sell products or services to customers, not to deal with IT issues. One of the benefits of a hosted service is that it eliminates a lot of the technical problems associated with managing a Web site. Think about it, there is no software to install, there is administration issues to deal with and you don't have to worry about security patches. What you do get are all the tools you need to help you build your business. You get scalability and reliability. You get search engine functionality to help increase your rankings. You also get the power to truly manage your Web site with no technical experience is required. We take care of all of that so you can concentrate on strategy and sales.