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    FlipperSiteDeveloper web management system lets you update, refresh, even completely revise your website easily, in a matter of minutes.

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Document Management
Flipper Brochure
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This is a full color brochure that highlights the features and benefits of FlipperSiteDeveloper. You can download, view and print this document. This is a sample of how this module can be used in your Web site.

In this area you can add more details on the document. Or include how to use the document.  There is also a feature that can be set to automatically notify you when a document has either been downloaded or uploaded to your Web site. Just like any page within your Flipper site, these can be password-sensitive and only those that have permission can view and download them.

We have  clients that use this module to communicate with their customers in a very efficient way.  For example, one ad agency has developed client specific areas that can be seen only by that particular client.  In these secure areas, clients can see current and past work.  They can also leave comments on new projects and approve the work.  Whenever a comment is left, an email is automatically sent to notify you that there are comments for your review on a particular file.