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    FlipperSiteDeveloper web management system lets you update, refresh, even completely revise your website easily, in a matter of minutes.

    Flipper CMS is for people who have better things to do than chain themselves to the web. People like you, who are building, running and growing a business.

Flipper CMS Modules
The HTML module is probably the most used section to create web pages.  It features a WYSIWYG interface.
Flipper's eCommerce Cart is a powerful, feature rich module that supports multiple gateway choices, product attributes with dependencies, highly flexible product layouts, customer history, order status, and is easy to use.
What's the best way to know what your customers want?  Ask them.  The Survey Module allow users to conduct online surveys and store the results.
Email marketing has never been easier.  With the Newsletter Manager Module you can build, edit and manage HTML newsletters, promotions and special offers.
The Events and Calendar Module is great for automatically listing any upcoming trade shows, speaking engagements or whatever.  Events are date sensitive and will automatically display and turn-off.
The Downloads Module is used to upload and share large files in a secure location. This module automatically sends an email notification whenever a document has been downloaded and/or uploaded. 
The News & Articles Module is designed as an easy way to display and organize press releases, articles or any other type of correspondence.  Items listed in this module can also be syndicated through RSS feeds.
Do you have a need to display pictures and other graphic images? The Photo Gallery Module is the perfect place to organize and display a variety of images.
How can a visitor quickly find a specific page within a Web site?  Use a Sitemap.  Flipper dynamically generates Google and Yahoo friendly Sitemaps which are also permission based. 
The FAQ's Module is exactly what you would expect.  A place to quickly and efficiently list Frequently Asked Questions.  This module allows users to add as much detail as need including images and video.
Setup an Discussion Forum to allow customers, employees or vendors to communicate with you or each other.  This module has auto-notifications and moderation features built in.
The Links Module is ideal for listing off-site hyperlinks. You can have links to other Web sites and include a brief description of each. 
The Parent Module is essentially a container for listing other pages. It generates a list of all it's child pages in either one, two, or three columns, depending on the settings you choose.  It's great for creating groups of related pages.
Membership Manager features includes Membership Dashboard that displays aged renewals, recent renewals, total members, and members by type.
Members can renew through website and it will automatically update membership expire date.
Can have many Membership types with varying periods.
Memberships can auto-renew .
Memberships can be sold with other items such as hats or t-shirts
Members will have their current membership status in their profiles as well as membership history showing previous membership purchases.