SEO Features

FlipperSiteDeveloper was designed from the beginning to be search engine friendly.

Our SEO features include:

  • Friendly URLs such as "" instead of " that some competitors use.  This tells the visitor and the search engines a little bit about the link before they click on it.
  • Easy to update Titles, Keywords, and Page Descriptions with a browser form.  You do not have to edit code to make these updates.
  • Easy to update robots.txt which automatically built by FlipperSiteDeveloper with browser form for updates.
  • Dynamically build sitemap.txt to aid the search engines crawls.  All publicly available files are added to the list and password protected ones are not by default however you can over-ride on a page-by-page basis to meet your needs.
  • Download and Link sections report to Google outbound links.
  • Google Analytics can be dynamically added to all pages automatically.  Password protected pages by default do not have the Google Analytics added however they can be by simple clicking on a box with the administration of that page.
  • Additional third party analytics can also be added.