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Preset Local Feeds

Wouldn't it be nice to automatically show your five newest Photo Gallery images on the home page of your website? Or list your most popular Articles in a sidebar on one of your webpages?

The FlipperSiteDeveloper™ allows for simple, automated listing of your Photo Gallery photos, your newest Events, your most popular Articles, and a number of other automatic Preset Local Feeds.

These Feeds are RSS 2.0 compliant, so they can also be provided to the public, just in case you want to push your own content to someone else's website or RSS Reader.

As with all other Flipper features, the Preset Local Feeds can be set up without any extra hardware or software, all through a standard web browser, from any online computer in the world.

Below is a sample Preset Local RSS Feed. It contains our 5 most popular links to new Flipper Sites.