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Custom Cupboards, Inc. (CCI) a national custom cabinet manufacturer has launched a redesigned website with an emphasis on consumer-friendly access.
Pen Publishing Interactive has redesigned and converted the website for the Indiana Hospital Association (IHA) from a static HTML site into a dynamic, content management driven site.
  • “Pen Publishing has built a robust website that better expresses our brand.  Flipper gives us total control over our website and presents our products ina very consumer-friendly environment.  Pen made this conversion process very smooth”

    Jason Harris

    Chief Information Manager

    Custom Cupboards, Inc.

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Flipper3 - Blog Layout in Articles Section

Allows you to display content in a blog style

Article sections have been updated to allow you two options for displaying the content, article view and blog view. This new feature is located on the Advanced tab in the Administer Section.

The new blog view displays the whole post along with the posted date. Blog view allows you to archive posts either monthly or weekly in a new archive menu.

New option; to have a future publish date.

The publish date is the date you wish to display your post on the web site. This allows you to create a post in advance of when you wish to have them displayed on the web site. The publish date has also been added to the articles layout.

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Flipper - Updated Social Media Features

Social Link Types

Group View

Social Links Group

List View

Social Links List



We have made it easier than ever to add social media links to your Flipper site.

You simply first select the social media links that you want to display on your web site. We have predefined several of the most popular ones. Next you can select the layout of the social media content on the page. The links will now appear on that page.

You also have two display options;

Group View displays all the social media links in a roll-over bubble. When the end user rolls over the icon a bubble will display all the social media options.

List View displays an icon for each social media option.

These links to the most popular social media sites makes it easier for example for your visitors to link to pages and articles in your site.