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Custom Cupboards, Inc. (CCI) a national custom cabinet manufacturer has launched a redesigned website with an emphasis on consumer-friendly access.
Pen Publishing Interactive has redesigned and converted the website for the Indiana Hospital Association (IHA) from a static HTML site into a dynamic, content management driven site.
  • “Pen Publishing has built a robust website that better expresses our brand.  Flipper gives us total control over our website and presents our products ina very consumer-friendly environment.  Pen made this conversion process very smooth”

    Jason Harris

    Chief Information Manager

    Custom Cupboards, Inc.

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Flipper Update - Articles, Membership, Calendar, CSS and Image Media Features

Pen Publishing Interactive Announces - Latest Flipper Updates!

An update to FlipperSiteDeveloper has been released. This release also includes a new Membership Module which I will go into more detail in a future blog.

The new features and enhancements:

Articles Modules

Additional links to details page added
Article titles and images are now linked to the details page. Previously the "Read More" link was the only path to the details page. The article summary has been removed from the details page, most all sites have been hiding the summary with CSS, this will no longer be necessary.

Style Sheet Builder (CSS)

When deleting a CSS sheet Flipper will check to see if the CSS is assigned to a section and if it is warn you with a list of those sections before deletion can occur.

Image/Media Manager

Image/Media Manger has been updated to include the ability to upload multiple images at the same time as well as assigning them to a new category. This can be a big time saver.

Calendar Module Updated

Event Category feature has an updated color picker. The last release we introduced the curved boarders and gradient color fills for a predefined set of colors. This version drops the predefined colors and lets you pick your own color with four different color pallet tools.

Event Section - Description has been added for a quick insert/update function. New model window has been implemented also.

Menus, WYSIWYG Editors and many other controls

have been updated to keep up with the newest browsers. 

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Flipper October Update

Today we released a FlipperSiteDeveloper update.

This is a major update that includes among other improvements a completely new Forms Section. The new Forms Module replaces the older Contact Form Module with many new and very powerful features.

Below is the short list of features:

  • Drag-N-Drop reordering of fields and field values
  • Custom Help/Info bubble options
  • Conditional “Form Sent-To” address based upon Field Option choice selection
  • More Save-To-Database/Export Options
  • Confirmation to visitor with custom Thank You page, redirect to URL, Email, etc.
  • Robot protection options
  • Collect payments through multiple gateway options with step-by-step checkout

Overall the Forms Module was redesigned to make the form building process more intuitive and at the same time add functionally. It is one of the most powerful form builders on the market.

A new feature added to the Calendar Module is the option to include iCal exports. With this feature you can offer your visitors an easy way to import your events into their local calendars.

Also included in this release are several updates throughout the site to improve usability and efficiency.

A complete list of feature improvements is available at http://flippersitedeveloper.com/customers/flipper3newsupdates/ .

This update is already installed and ready to use for all sites that are using Version 3 and above.

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Are You Embarrassed by Your Website?

So do you have a traditional website built using Dreamweaver or another type of desktop editing software?

You say you have heard of content management systems (CMS) but you do not think you need one. You keep your site current, right?

Did this happen to your company’s website:

  1. Build new cool site with Dreamweaver or FrontPage.
  2. Webmaster either leaves or is too busy to update site; or the person or company that built the site is no longer in business or will not return your calls.
  3. Contacts, products, or announcements are out of date on website.
  4. You are busy and think no one is using the site anyway.

Dog laying on laptop - are you proud of your website The truth is most new or potential customers will use the internet to research your company. It is harder than ever to get to speak to new prospects. Your website is usually the first impression of your company. Are you proud to send customers to your site? If a prospect contacts you and mentions to you that they checked out your website do you apologize? Are you concerned that potential new customers may be looking for your product or service, see your website and simply click on the next link instead of contacting you? What would you do if the roles were reversed, would you contact your company?

Today’s technology makes it much easier to keep your site up to date with current features that will give your company a good first impression. Just a few years ago the software to manage your site was installed on a desktop where the pages were built. The products were difficult to learn and took time to use. When updates were needed it was difficult to do.

  1. Does anyone remember how the site was configured?
  2. Where is the Dreamweaver/FrontPage software installed? What computer?
  3. Do I have a current version of my site?
  4. If I make an update will it break something?
  5. How can I add new pages or remove pages and not break links or navigation?
  6. I want to add new Web 2.0 features but how do I do that?
  7. Customers would like to have secured information, how do we setup and manage that?
  8. A new version of IE or Firefox is released and your site looks bad. Now what?

The good news is that technology has advanced and at the same time became affordable. Now modern software allows you to keep your website current and feature rich.

Our product, FlipperSiteDeveloper CMS is offered as a Software-As-A-Service (SaaS) which means that we handle all of the software, patches and updates. To update your site you simply login to your site and use the online tools to make changes. You do not have to install anything on your computers. It is quick, easy and affordable. Once you sign up the site is ready for your information. The monthly fee includes Flipper hosting and updates so there is no annual renewal fee.

Whether your site has 10 pages or 1,000 pages, Flipper gives you the power to manage and update it in a matter of minutes. Your Flipper site can be up and running in less than a week, ready to take your business to the next level.

Imagine your website as a genuine marketing tool to generate business, making it easier for Internet search engines like Google and Yahoo to drive prospects to your site. Flipper is search engine friendly with built in features that you can manage yourself in an easy-to-use and intuitive work environment.

If you want to learn more about how you can improve marketing effectiveness and increase ROI, sign up for a quick demo.

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It’s Not Sexy; it is SEO – My Thoughts on Improving Your Website’s SEO Ranking

Marketing Tips We all have received emails (spam) from many companies offering to get your site ranked in the top of Google, Yahoo and Bing. The truth is there is no simple, magical way to instantly fix your rankings in search engines. Improving your rankings takes research, planning and good old fashion work.

If you are going to go on a ‘SEO Quest’, here is my abbreviated list of things to do to your website:
  1. Build a XML sitemap listing all of the pages you want the search engines to index and submit that file link to the major search engines. This file gives the search engines a list of the pages in your site instead of hoping the search engines will find all of your pages.
  2. Use descriptive folder names that make sense to people and computers (/boats/model124) instead of generic or cryptic names like “products” or “products?id=1534”.
  3. Write descriptive page titles, such as “Acme Boats – 2011 Models”.
  4. Write descriptive page descriptions that summarize each individual page. Search engines will use this description under your link so take time to get it right. This description should make the search engine visitor want to click on your link above the others on the search engine results page.
  5. Use breadcrumbs as part of your navigation which counts both as text links and at the same time shows humans where they are in your site.
  6. Use text links to link between your internal pages as well as outside sites instead of images. Search engines give more value to text links because they are visible to humans and less likely to be spammy. These links to your own pages can score you some SEO points.
  7. Your menu should be built from a text based ordered list instead of images. This also helps the disabled who use readers to browse your site. Search engines can easily read these also.
  8. Social media links on your site will make it easier for visitors to talk about you. When they do, those links to your site will enhance your rankings and drive traffic to your site.
  9. Use H1 through H5 tags to outline your content. H1 would be the title then work your way through the tags in order of importance on the page. For example:
          Acme Boats – (H1)
               Fishing Boats – (H2)
                      Under 22 Ft Boats – (H3)
    This tells the search engines and human visitor which items belong to which heading or sub-heading.
  10. Use your keywords in the context of your page. Remember that your customers or potential customers will be reading the content. So, the copy should be written for them but include your keywords. Do not flood your content with so many keywords so that the search engines will love it but your visitors do not understand what you are trying to tell them. Your visitor will not find what they want and move on to the next site. The visitor is the ultimate target.
  11. Spend some time doing research to find where your competitors rank on the keywords you believe your potential customers would use to find you or your products. How well do you rank on the same keywords?
  12. Content is king. The more content you have on your site about the topics or products that you sell will make you more authoritative for those subjects. Potential customer will use your site to validate you and the products you sell. Make sure that once they get to your site they get the information needed to proceed to the next step in purchasing what you are selling.

I know I will get emails saying I missed something but these are the methods that have generated the greatest success for me. There are many other things you can do to improve SEO as well as drive traffic to your site but this is already a pretty long blog!

If your site is built with a modern CMS, for example our FlipperSiteDeveloper hosted application it is pretty simple to update these items. For items 1 through 10 we have built in tools that greatly reduced the time it takes to keep these items current. If you have a static site you can still follow the steps above, it is just more work.

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Flipper3 - Blog Layout in Articles Section

Allows you to display content in a blog style

Article sections have been updated to allow you two options for displaying the content, article view and blog view. This new feature is located on the Advanced tab in the Administer Section.

The new blog view displays the whole post along with the posted date. Blog view allows you to archive posts either monthly or weekly in a new archive menu.

New option; to have a future publish date.

The publish date is the date you wish to display your post on the web site. This allows you to create a post in advance of when you wish to have them displayed on the web site. The publish date has also been added to the articles layout.

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Flipper - Updated Social Media Features

Social Link Types

Group View

Social Links Group

List View

Social Links List



We have made it easier than ever to add social media links to your Flipper site.

You simply first select the social media links that you want to display on your web site. We have predefined several of the most popular ones. Next you can select the layout of the social media content on the page. The links will now appear on that page.

You also have two display options;

Group View displays all the social media links in a roll-over bubble. When the end user rolls over the icon a bubble will display all the social media options.

List View displays an icon for each social media option.

These links to the most popular social media sites makes it easier for example for your visitors to link to pages and articles in your site.