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Custom Cupboards, Inc. (CCI) a national custom cabinet manufacturer has launched a redesigned website with an emphasis on consumer-friendly access.
Pen Publishing Interactive has redesigned and converted the website for the Indiana Hospital Association (IHA) from a static HTML site into a dynamic, content management driven site.
  • “Pen Publishing has built a robust website that better expresses our brand.  Flipper gives us total control over our website and presents our products ina very consumer-friendly environment.  Pen made this conversion process very smooth”

    Jason Harris

    Chief Information Manager

    Custom Cupboards, Inc.

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Flipper 3 - New Tools

WYSIWYG Internal Links Button New Tools: Internal Link Manager

Hyperlink to internal section within the HTML Edit
The HTML (WYSIWYG) editor now has an Internal Link Manager. The Internal Link Manager allows you to link to internal pages on your web site quickly and easily. Just highlight the content you want to link, click on the
Internal Link Manger icon and use the displayed sitemap to find the page you want to link too.

New Section Type - Redirect Section

Redirect menu link to an existing section or another web site

Redirect Section allows you to create a menu link to a web site page. You can use the Redirect Section to link to another web site or to link to an existing page in your web site. For example; want to display the Contact Us section in your menu system in two places. Use the Redirect Section so you do not have to duplicate the content twice. You can also use the Redirect Section to create a menu link to go to another web site like google.com.

New Features added to the Ad Builder!

Ads now display status and list text ads has preview window

Ad status has been added to the Ad Builder section. Ads will now display a status of Expired/Live/Future. Expired = the display to date has passed, Future = the Display From Date is in the future. In list view by hovering over the ad name a preview of the ad will pop up to allow you to view the ad without clicking edit or preview with images.

New Feature added to the Events Section!

Events will now display Expired/Live/Future Status in Administer view.

Events will now display a status of Expired/Live/Future. Expired = the display to date has passed, Future = the Display From Date is in the future. The event status is displayed in the Administer list view only. "Current View" at the top of events page has been changed to "List View" to clear up any confusion regarding what view the end user is accessing.

Most of our new features should apply directly to your web site, although occasionally you may need to request that a new feature be turned on for your account. If you have any questions about the above features please contact your FlipperSiteDeveloper Representative.