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Custom Cupboards, Inc. (CCI) a national custom cabinet manufacturer has launched a redesigned website with an emphasis on consumer-friendly access.
Pen Publishing Interactive has redesigned and converted the website for the Indiana Hospital Association (IHA) from a static HTML site into a dynamic, content management driven site.
  • “Pen Publishing has built a robust website that better expresses our brand.  Flipper gives us total control over our website and presents our products ina very consumer-friendly environment.  Pen made this conversion process very smooth”

    Jason Harris

    Chief Information Manager

    Custom Cupboards, Inc.

Flipper 3 updates include robot forms protection, new media manager and more

Flipper Updates!

We keep working hard to improve the FlipperSiteDeveloper service. This week we have released a few updates to FlipperSiteDeveloper© that we wanted you to know about. The best part of these improvements is that they are already installed in your sites as part of your Flipper service.

Media Manager

Flipper now has an admin interface for managing your media files. The media manager is located in the Admin Area under Images/Media. In the Media Manager you can add, edit and delete media files. The media manager can handle .swf, .flv, wma, .wmv, .avi, .wav, .mpeg, .mpg., mp3, .mid, .midi, .snd, or .mkv files. You can still upload through the WYSIWYG editor or use the new Media Manager.

The media manager also has a search feature that allows you to search by name. You can also sort your media files by type, size, and created date allowing you to easily locate media files.

Registration Form Robot Protection

The registration form can now be set up to resist robots from filling out the registration form. Robot Protection allows you to choose one of three methods to resist robot automated form submissions.

Captcha: an image is displayed in the registration form, and the user is required to input the symbols in a textbox.

Invisible TextBox: Hidden from human view, only robots can fill out the hidden textbox.

Minimum Timeout: set the minimum time to fill the registration form. If the submission is faster than the minimum time, it is assumed that a Robot filled out the form.

Ad Builder

A Search feature has been added to the Ad Builder, allowing you to search for ads by Name, Status, or time frame.

Administration Interface Improvements

The tab design has be updated within the following Administration areas; Company, Section Pages, Products, User, RSS Manager, Image/Media Manager, and Ad Builder. Sections work the same but the tab view is cleaner and more intuitive for users.

We will be bringing you more Flipper improvements in the near future.